One team - Lots of skills

Jochen Schweizer

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Within our group of companies Jochen Schweizer Projects AG stands for bringing the brand and experience to our customers. It provides living proof of the sustainability and commercial success of modern worlds of experience.

MY VISION: to make the experience more democratic. We make the experience available to anyone, anywhere at thousands of locations in Germany and Europe. Be it as a present or a treat for yourself.


Board of Directors and Project Managers

Wolfgang Langmeier, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jochen Schweizer Projects AG I bring my long-term experience, including my time as the managing operator of one of the biggest German leisure and tourism destinations (approx. 600,000 guests per year). I also have experience of renovation and restructuring in tourist projects and special real estate.

MY MISSION: to provide our guests with tailor-made services according to Jochen Schweizer’s brand promise, and management for the company that adds value.

Jan Denecken, COO

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As a specialist for drafting new ideas, project planning and running projects, together with my experience in live communication, I am fascinated by the development of experience facilities for as long as I can remember. Since 1998 I have been closely linked with Jochen Schweizer and have applied my skills in strategic planning and marketing in the company group. Five years ago I was appointed to the board of directors of JS Projects AG. Today we are about to create the perfect destination concept.

MY CLAIM: delighted people, successful projects and satisfied partners.


Helga Ackermann, Senior Project Manager for Project Development


For nearly fifteen years I have been managing national and international projects at Jochen Schweizer and have specialised in the development and implementation of extraordinary experience components and worlds of experiences. As a former Key Account Manager I am also aware of the needs and wishes of my customers and partners, use this experience and recognise interfaces and synergy effects Рboth within and outside of our company group

MY MOTIVATION: to develop real, fascinating and profitable project from an innovative idea.