The multi-experience-destination

The right experience for everyone

Today a vast range of leisure offers are accompanied by a constantly rising interest of individuals in entertainment and leisure activities. A person searching for an offer usually only has a choice between activities for old or young people, families or singles, action or pastime, indoor or outdoor, entertaining or time-intensive activities etc. It is therefore virtually impossible to assess the exorbitant offer and its quality. In addition it is rare for one site to offer everything. Our response to this is: the multi-experience destination. Here everyone can find something for their taste under one roof: Experience andgames, entertainment and challenge, excitement and relaxation, atmosphere and variety and last but not least a high-quality and diverse catering offer.

The innovative idea of the multi-experience destination works both as a stand-alone piece of leisure and tourism real estate in an attractive urban location as well as a modular experience, integrated for example into an existing or specially-designed commercial or hotel environment.


When selecting the experience we pay particular attention to:

  • ensuring the market access is as broad as possible
  • providing fast and secure learning options for beginners and high credibility amongst professional users
  • extensive value-added options for our customers, active users, the people accompanying them and spectators

Our attractive offers fascinate both customers and guests and increase the profitability of their companies. We ensure guests stay longer, as well as a high rate of recommendations and increased visitor rate.

Results of the expert assessment of the concept “Multi-experience destination”
(Futour Wenzel, Hamburg, 2012)

“Active and experience offers have experienced dynamic growth in the German leisure market for several years now. A characteristic trend of this is that classic outdoor/nature-related applications have been able to be successfully used at indoor leisure facilities. This has been seized on in the idea submitted.

The combination of new attractions with tried and tested ideas and the expansion to include service functions suitable for groups creates the ideal conditions for offering experience-orientated event and group offers.

The idea has a high earnings potential. The range of uses provides a distinct profile and is therefore associated with a high unique position.

In addition to the purely conceptional success factors, the experts also saw positive underlying conditions for project developers and later operators. In this context the renowned brand of “Jochen Schweizer” has to be mentioned, the experience and know-how available in the popular/extreme sport sector as well as the existing and established marketing and sales platforms.”