Experience components - selection and diversity

The “urbanisation” of leisure time activities is changing our society. This can be seen by the continuing trend of taking short trips and city breaks. An increasing demand for mobility can also be seen on the leisure market, although it is taking a completely different approach: the outdoor experience is coming to the city. There is a strong demand for original outdoor activities in urban areas such as high-rope parks, climbing sites, body flying, surf waves and kiteboarding areas, often supplemented by or set at city beaches. In many places these experience locations are easy to get to.

Our mission of making experiences more democratic, follows this trend and offers fascinating urban experiences at top urban and inner-city locations. Here our quality claim both on the experience as well as the urban surroundings, the design and the whole supply chain is high as usual.

Jochen Schweizer citywave – Surfing for everyone, practically on your front door

Like no other sport, surfing stands for a direct experience, freedom, a pure feeling of summer and a casual lifestyle. The only city in the world with a “real” surf wave in the inner city is Munich. Here lies the nucleus of a surf boom, which has already started to attract top international surfers to the Bavarian city and has set a new worldwide trend: Riding waves with fin boards on a standing wave.

citywave – the story

Our wave does not just offer real fin surfing at the highest level, but is also suitable for young and old beginners. After just one hour’s practice on the grab rail, over 70% of beginners are able to surf without any help. After a second hour practising on the rail everyone is able to surf freely. At the beach this doesn’t just take a long time, thereby requiring a lot of courage and patience from beginners, but can also be very frustrating. On the other hand, our standing wave is pure enjoyment from the first second! Each participant gets a successful experience of his/her own and without any chance of injury. Depending on the skill and body control the drive pumps are increased or decreased, thereby regulating the height and strength of the wave.

citywave – The future of Surfing

Wind tunnel – we make the dream of flyingcome true

For several years it has also been possible in Europe to fly close to the group, perfectly safely and as free as a bird, without having to jump out of an airplane. This experience is called body flying and can be done in a vertical wind tunnel. This has not just been designed for professional and formation jumpers, but also for first-time flyers. Around one million cubic litres of air are circulated optimally and in an energy-efficient way, so that an optimum equal air flow can be achieved in the flight chamber of between 155 and 285 kmph for anyone above the age of 6.

In many respects tunnel flying is efficient as it is much better value and saves more time than taking lots of training jumps from a plane. Both professional parachutists from the army, the police and special units like GSG9 as well formation sky-divers and free-flyers make use of this opportunity and book time in the tunnel by the hour. In the meantime a trend has developed for a new kind of sport, tunnel flying. This sport does not require a “real” jump out of a plane.

Jochen Schweizer was instrumental in the development and construction of the first German wind tunnel and was a co-partner in the operating company until 2011. We have revised this wind tunnel idea for the Jochen Schweizer world of experience and made it even more efficient.


Base Flying

Base-Flying-Berlin_Tag_neuesLogo (Klein)On the base flyer your vertigo will literally fly away!

Since 2009 we have made base jumping available to anyone. For example from 125 metres above Alexanderplatz in Berlin at Germany’s biggest hotel with what it probably the fastest personal abseil winch in the world. It is unique in Europe and just as exciting for participants and spectators.

It is an in-house development by Jochen Schweizer that can be adapted to buildings/towers up to 250 metres high. The higher the building the better the experience.

House Running

Houserunning 2_Jochen Schweizer GmbH

Where skyscrapers touch the clouds we tickle the nerves of participants!

Since 1994 people have been getting a kick of adrenaline through house running by “flipping over the edge”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 25 or 100 metres, height plays no role – participants always look the challenge directly in the eye, with a glance down below.

Flying Fox XXL


The best side of flying! Who remembers fondly how much fun it was to slide across the playground hanging on a steel wire. This fun has grown up in the form of the Flying Fox XXL.

Our first Flying Fox XXL facility in Leogang, Austria is one of the fastest and longest steel wire slides in the world at 1,600 metres long and a possible top speed of 130 kmph. The equipment is set up 140 metres above ground level and guarantees unforgettable views of the mountains on the way down into the valley. Safety is the priority here, the participant cannot do anything wrong – the braking is done automatically. The fun flight is available to anyone over the age of 10.