Jochen Schweizer Surf Arena

The Jochen Schweizer Surf Arena in the heart of Switzerland

The Mall of Switzerland has the motto “Experience Switzerland” and takes visitors on journey full of adventure through typical Swiss habitat: the cities, countryside, mountains and bodies of water.


Jochen Schweizer Surf Arena

The EbiSquare outdoor square and the ground floor are fully dedicated to the topic “Switzerland as a moated castle” with its over 1500 lakes, rivers and bodies of water. Directly next to this square there is a so-called “Leisure stage”, on the ground floor of which the Jochen Schweizer Surf Arena fits in perfectly with its standing wave and integrated catering. Parallel to this the customer can also visit the first Jochen Schweizer Shop in Switzerland in the mall.

The leisure stage provides active and passive guests, shoppers, bystanders and even guests from the nearby hotel complex with a generous cinema complex, fitness and Spa area as well as diverse event offers, in addition to the standing wave.

The leisure stage is expected to be obtained and the Jochen Schweizer Surf Arena opened in the spring of 2018.